The Nepal Mug & Tea Caddy (Combo)

"The K2" Nepal Mug with Tea Caddy Combo
"The Makalu" Nepal Mug with Tea Caddy Combo
"The Seas" Nepal Mug with Tea Caddy Combo


A complete work of art. Craftsmen and Artisans meticulously create stunning landscape designs to deliver an amazing mug.

The elegant and earthy tones combined with the wooden handle create not only an amazing coffee cup but an extraordinary display of artwork.

This coffee mug is perfect for daily use and will make your morning coffee or afternoon tea even more special!

Material: Eco-Friendly, Ceramic
Package Includes: Nepal Mug + Tea Strainer & Lid + Tea Caddy (K2 Color)
Strainer: Ceramic with Stainless Steel Strainer
Capacity: 350ml