Transforming the routine

Home goods aren't all about making your house look good—they're about crafting a space to feel like home. They're an expression of our true selves, and that's why they bring us comfort.

We believe a mug is more than just a cup to hold your brew—it's a morning companion that meets you up bright and early everyday. A blanket keeps you warm and cozy when you're using it and livens up your furniture when you're not. When you reach for the dinner plates, it's not just time to eat, you're getting ready spend quality time with the ones you love. Whether it's coffee, tea, family dinners, camping, or a special date; we believe that these events heal your soul.

We’ve curated and developed the utmost eclectic collection of goods to transform routine events into something meaningful—by having creative products part of your everyday life. We’re always on the move finding and creating new products to put in your home.

Every day, we work hard to provide you these products! Our wish is for you to find the perfect match for your living space: whether it’s a mug for your morning brew, tableware for dinner, or a cozy blanket to snuggle up with at night, we hope you fall in love with your Ecletticos goods and enjoy using them—time and again!

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Based in Cincinnati, OH, Bardstown, KY, Naples, FL, and San Diego, CA